DIR Store Ltd

DIR is the world leading manufacturer of medical equipment, cosmetic machines, barber and salon furniture. Renowned British designers expertly created our extensive collection of salon, spa, beauty, barber and medical equipment. With unparalleled artistry, they provide each fine detail with their profound understanding of the European salon scene. By utilizing DIR's state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, our apex production staff is able to flawlessly and precisely complete their creation. Globally renowned salons, spas, and clinics have adopted DIR medical equipment, cosmetic machines, salon furniture, and barber furniture, which strikes the ideal balance between functionality and aesthetics. As we bring your next dream in reality.  


Why DIR?

DIR is a centralized store for the highest standards of beauty salon furniture and medical equipment available at the most cost-effective rates. Our product range includes salon furniture and cosmetic beauty equipment with the finest design. Our advanced, large-scale manufacturing facilities are fitted with high technologic production lines that manufacture the fine furniture and equipment. By leveraging the expertise of our production facility and design teams located in the United Kingdom and the United States, we are able to provide our valuable clients with the most cutting-edge and contemporary medical equipment as well as salon and spa furniture. Regarding our completed range, every aspect appearance, functionality, quality, and longevity is in DIR ideal harmony. We are pleased to announce that, Dream in Reality will serve as your primary supplier for the time being.


The DIR Advantage

Thanks to DIR’s integrated production capabilities and our adoption of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning ), we are able to maintain full process automatic production over the entire product cycle, from conception to shipment. This ensures a significant reduction in human error and a higher standard of quality control. It also means we’ve got you covered for accessories, extra parts, and replacem ents in any or all of our products. In short, you will never need to hunt for afterm arket replacement parts when we can supply the original, on demand.

Our Operations

Our lead office is located in Birmingham, England. Since 2023, it has served our customer service, sales, and distribution needs for a rapidly growing client base that stretches all across Europe, from the UK, France Germany.

For the full DIR experience, do please stop by one of our dazzling showrooms in the heart of London and Birmingham. And be sure to check our website for more information about our distributors and showrooms throughout Europe.

Our North American presence is anchored by our gorgeous newly renovated showroom and central warehouse in Syosset, New York, just a stone’s throw away from New York City and easily accessible from the entire tri-state area. This also serves as our North American logistics hub, from which we have established direct shipping partners to serve customers throughout the US and Canada. DIR New York also employs its own on-site delivery and service team exclusively for our local customers.