Backwash Unit

Luxurious Salon Backwash Unit Collection

Shopping for a new backwash unit for your salon? Browse our selection of cutting-edge shampoo chairs and high-end beauty salon backwash stations designed to meet the highest luxury and reliability standards.

Our backwash chair selection features ceramic shampoo bowls with elegant contours and seating lined with durable, water-resistant covers and filled with plush memory foam that helps to reduce everyday stress at your shampoo station. Two-seater backwash options are available as well. 

Available at competitive prices, our premium salon basin and chair offerings come with modern and sleek designs with adjustable massage shampoo chairs, metal arms, and tilting sinks. They are manufactured with extra padding for enhanced comfort, plumbing access and waste pipe for the backwash basin, and more.

Find the finest salon equipment and backwash units by shopping with DIR UK–we have the products that your clients will love.